Salute to Er.E

Pics courtesy: Myhusband

Needless to a formal introduction for the grand and elevated world monument which was inaugurated an year after I was born, stood magnanimous and elegant on a sunny sunday morning when I visited it with awe!

Both me and my husband are basically Civil Engineers who would be very much oriented to talk or discuss the nerdy stuff about the tower’s magnificent elevation, that day’s construction and erection practicalities and possibilities of the manual design etc., But those discussions rule out your mind once you take a breathtaking silent view of what stands before you and high above you tearing the sky!


I would say we were in the first few morning batches lined up for a stairway-go until second floor after which we buy separate tickets to reach the top of the tower only by elevators.


“The world looks inspirational when you start admiring the efforts!”(Damn my memory for I forgot who quoted it!)We started with our steps ahead onto the steel stairs. Way to go and I certainly started getting perplexed with the intricate and confusing steel members and sections crossing each other in a pattern(Haha..because am a structural Engineer!)


Every time I stepped on a landing platform it was worthy enough to spend a moment and ponder about the perseverance which Engineer Mr.Gustave Eiffel and his team would have possessed to erect this intelligent Engineering marvel.


When I was on top of the 280th metre above the ground, the panoramic view of Paris really made me simply feel happy about the beauty, perfection in organisation of the city being well planned, the lovely bridges, the gaze of tall skyscrapers and oh come on! Simply put-My excitement was over board for no reason rather than I am up on the Eiffel tower!! Anybody there to deny?!


On the topmost reachable floor Er.Eiffel owned an apartment where in he brought his esteemed guests and visitors now can view that hall from outside with wax statues of Mr.Eiffel , his daughter and Scientist Thomas Edison. The scene depicted was when Thomas Edison had visited Eiffel to gift a phonograph.


Way down the stairs with heart full of joy that I can strike down two of the things to be visited-Paris and Eiffel tower! I was getting all geared up to click some fun pictures with my husband. The lush green garden beneath on the ground level offered us some nice and memorable pictures. Or at least if we try to copy our fellow tourists giving numerous poses and newly married couples who have come all way with their professional photographers to get a photo shoot offered us nice time pass other than Eiffel Tower itself…Hahha.. 😀


During the initial days of its completion the Eiffel tower was seen as a “hateful column of bolted sheet and metal”. Irony of that day’s verdict is what we evidently witness as the present day wonder. Hey Iron lattice lady, you weigh more and I bow for you not just because you literally hold intact in you around 10000 tonnes of steel in you or you stand undeterred at that cloud piercing height but because of that-day Engineering masterminds and the perseverance that they adhered to and which is why I strongly salute!!
With happiness


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