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This phase of my life
Pic description: Light on foot in happiness
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A blog! Finally here I am. Many are the thoughts that I am travelling through and many more are the phases of  life that I am facing ahead. Am pretty much sure this is happening in everybody’s life. Thank  you God! For all of the phases are so far so good to be cherished forever and they are too good to fade away from my memory. “Change is inevitable” and I have never tried to escape from the changes in my life. Every phase of my life is interesting and treats me with a surprise element. Life demands me to bear a unique face in every new phase. I am quite a little travel enthusiast and I am blessed to be hitched with a man who is a lot more travel lover.   Marriage has also made me discover my inclination towards cooking and eating. So what is this blog about? Yes..you have guessed it rightly! Travel, cooking and  the way I look upon to changing phases of my life is all I wish to share and cherish in this blog. My enthusiastic husband is my greatest inspiration for me to start blogging and also recently, few of my kith and kin have started blogging which has kindled me gradually to start one of my own. I will always welcome my readers to comment, criticize and share their views on my opinions.

With happiness


Inspire and be inspired

Inspiration is the bottom line for any progress. Keeping ourselves inspired is always conducive to a good mind. So here is my first blog post starting with an inspiration that I have always been getting from the innocent little kids. Their inquisitiveness to explore whatever they confront is surprising to me. So let us keep exploring and share the knowledge after all knowledge is wealth! And so am I here to share the little interesting things of my life some of which I do out of inspirations and rest of them falling in places on its own… grrr.. God damn! I don’t know why it is happening!lol.. Hahah..Image In the Pic: My little cute niece, Aditi. With happiness Sujitha